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Based in Australia, Jeenyis Scoring is the creative amalgamation of composers

Damien Greenwood and Jason Schmechtig.


Having both been music industry veterans for over 10 years, as well as acquiring technical qualifications and being multi-instrumentalists, writing and recording original music has always been commonplace for these two audiophiles, releasing albums both separately and together as band mates and business partners, as well as touring and playing live. 

Their shared love of film, film scores, soundtracks, gaming, and everything in between has united these self confessed movie buffs in their film scoring endeavour, and an eclectic background of classical, jazz, funk, soul, metal, rock, electronic and synthwave to name a few, has piqued their sound experimentation further as to where musical scoring could lead to and change going forward. 

With a passion for individuality, audio production, professionalism, and of course fun, accompanied with the above and beyond mentality where the only limitation is imagination, Jeenyis Scoring continuously demonstrate their creativity and understanding of their client's vision and intention of their project, no matter the size, budget, or scope.


Forever striving to stay true to their mantra of "Questions & Answers", Jeenyis Scoring live to realize and fulfil their client's goals whilst delivering high quality results.


Questions? Jeenyis Scoring has the answers.

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