Film, TV, video game, trailer and commercial music composition and creation.

WINNER of "Best Music" at the 2020 Global Shorts Festival for short film 

"A Safe Place".


Based in Australia, Jeenyis Scoring is the creative amalgamation of composers

Damien Greenwood and Jason Schmechtig.


Having both been music industry veterans for over 10 years, as well as acquiring technical qualifications and being multi-instrumentalists, writing and recording original music has always been commonplace for these two audiophiles, releasing albums both separately and together as band mates and business partners, as well as touring and playing live. 

Their shared love of film, film scores, soundtracks, gaming, and everything in between has united these self confessed movie buffs in their film scoring endeavour, and an eclectic background of classical, jazz, funk, soul, metal, rock, electronic and synthwave to name a few, has piqued their sound experimentation further as to where musical scoring could lead to and change going forward. 

With a passion for individuality, audio production, professionalism, and of course fun, accompanied with the above and beyond mentality where the only limitation is imagination, Jeenyis Scoring continuously demonstrate their creativity and understanding of their client's vision and intention of their project, no matter the size, budget, or scope.


Forever striving to stay true to their mantra of "Questions & Answers", Jeenyis Scoring live to realize and fulfil their client's goals whilst delivering high quality results.


Questions? Jeenyis Scoring has the answers.


A dystopian fantasy epic that builds and builds to the point where it shatters the sky... let your mind imagine what it will to this journey of sound.

Released under our side project pseudonym "Arcade Lane", Neon Shadows is a new retro synthwave nod to our childhood era of the 80s. Reminiscing about old school movies, tv shows, music and life will forever bring back fond nostalgic memories.

Our take on a superhero theme... an epic entrance for the saviour of the day.

Horror/Thriller sample demo suite.

A main rock theme for an outback/surfy vibe.

Extreme and intense electronic mayhem for a fast paced film.

In honour of the International Bereaved Mother's Day, this is the accompanying score to the film "We Carry Them In Our Hearts".
We were privileged to be involved in such an inspirational piece.
- CarlyMarie

This piece was created In Loving Memory of Kai Nell to honour his brave life and to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.

Intro theme song for an upcoming anime series.

Main theme score from the short film The Wild Couple.
88 to 1 Productions.
Follow below link for full film:

Main theme from short film titled The Kingpin's Daughter.
Video will be available on YouTube soon.

Excerpt from feature film titled Two People.

Our piece behind the video for International Bereaved Father's Day. A heartful and beautiful video that we were honoured to be a part of. Named after Kevin Owen who was a special personal inspiration.


Meditative and ambient, released in collaboration with Aliris and CarlyMarie Project Heal.

Our Disney-esque epic journey piece that incorporates electronica to tell a story with the hint of ascension.


"Nothing but brilliant service working with Jeenyis Scoring. Having worked with the boys on multiple projects including film and commercial, I have found the attention to detail second to none.

They go into amazing depth helping the filmmaker find the right tone and feel for each scene.

The workflow is brilliant and they are on point when it comes to reaching deadlines.

The team at 88 to 1 is excited to partner with Jeenyis on all projects for the foreseeable future."

- Damien Giglietta

  Director, 88 to 1 Productions

"Working with Damien and Jason was great. They understood the tone of our project from the get go, and did an amazing job of interpreting the overall feel of the film. I look forward to working with them again on future projects."

- Rob Livings,

  Director, Two People

"I approached the gentlemen at Jeenyis Scoring to collaborate with me on a short film project.

We had very limited time so I was not expecting them to say yes. To my delight they did say yes.


The score they created for my film blew my mind and pulled at my heart strings.

I was left awe-struck by the exquisite sound they composed. After releasing the film, we received over 1 million views in the first 3 days.


I am forever grateful for the time and effort they put into this project and look forward to working with them on many more.


I highly recommend Jeenyis Scoring to anyone looking for a professional and talented film scoring company to collaborate with."

- Carly Marie

  Project Heal


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